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The Anytone AT-5555N II is a feature packed 10m radio with punch.

The AT-5555N II will be supplied in export configuration to allow the use of 10m & 12m amateur bands.

Here is a few things I like about the unit,

  • Large size LCD
  • LCD dimmer control NEW
  • SSB TX audio band width control NEW
  • CW NEW
  • CTCSS & DCS Scan NEW
  • Shorter chassis – older unit 305mm long new unit 251mm long NEW
  • Control layout
  • Nice heatsink with large fins to dissipate heat
  • Removable three pin power cable
  • Ability to change microphone type from Electric to Dynamic.
  • Free USB serial programming cable included as standard by BNCom Australia


● FM、AM、USB、LSB, CW and PA modes
● Frequency Tuning Step 100Hz、1KHz、10KHz、100KHz、1MHz
● Dimmer control.
● SSB TX audio band width control
● ±1.5KHz CLARLFILER Adjustment
● Flexible Menu Function and PC Programming
● ECHO Function
● SQ, ASQ Function (FM and AM mode only)
● RF GAIN Adjustment
● RF PWR Adjustment
● SCAN Function
● Programmable Roger Beep (RB) Function
● NB/ANL Function
● DW DUAL-WATCH Function
● Offset Frequency Function
● BEEP Voice Prompt
● +10KHZ Function
● SIG、PWR、SWR Meter Function
● TOT (Time Out Timer) function
● HI-CUT Function
● EMG Channel Function
● SWR Protection
● Power Supply Voltage Protection
● Key-Lock Function
● Six(6) Groups Memory Channel
● Model Name Customized Function (below is new function add which different from AT-5555N)
● VOX Function
● DSP TX and RX Noise Reduction
● Compatible with electronic and dynamic MIC type


Frequency Range Frequency Range: 10m Configuration 28.000MHz – 29.700MHz, Export Configuration: 24.7150 – 30.1050MHz
Frequency Band A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I
Frequency Tolerance ±5.0ppm
Channels 40 channels (programmable) in each band
Frequency Control Phase-Locked-Loop Synthesizer
Frequency Step 100Hz、1KHz、10KHz、100KHz、1MHz
Frequency Tolerance ±5.00ppm
Input Voltage 13.8V
Microphone with push-to-talk /UP/DN and coiled cord
Dimensions in mm 251(L)x200(W)x60(H)
Weight 1.75kgs unit only
Antenna Connector UHF, SO239
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ to +50℃
Power Output AM: 30W / FM: 50W / SSB: 60W(PEP)
Drain 10A(with modulation)
Modulation AM/FM/USB/LSB/CW
Inter-modulation Distortion SSB: 3rd order, more than -25dB; 5th order, more than -35dB
SSB Carrier Suppression 55dB
Unwanted Sideband 50dB
Frequency Response AM/FM: 300 to 3000Hz SSB: 450 to 2500Hz
Output Impedance 50 ohms, unbalanced
Sensitivity SSB: 0.25μV for 10dB(S+N)/N at greater than 1/2-watt of audio output AM:1.0μV for 10dB(S+N)/N at greater than 1/2watt of audio
output FM: 1.0μV for 20 dB (S+N)/N at greater than 1/2 watt of audio output
Adjacent-Channel Selectivity AM/FM: 60dB SSB: 70dB
Image Rejection More than 65dB
IF Frequency AM/FM: 10.695MHz 1st IF, 455KHz 2nd IF SSB: 10.695MHz
RF Gain Control 45dB adjustable for optimum signal reception
Automatic Gain Control(AGC) Less than 10dB change in audio output for inputs from 10 to 100,000 microvolt.
Squelch Adjustable; threshold less than 1.0μV. Automatic Squelch Control(only AM/FM)1.0μV
Audio Output Power 3 watts into 8 ohms
Frequency Response AM/FM: 300 to 3000Hz SSB: 450 to 2500Hz
Built-in Speaker 8 ohms, round
External Speaker(Not Supplied) 8 ohms; disables internal speaker when connected.

Programming Software: QPS5555N II Setup 2.03

User Manual: AT-5555N II User Manual

For sale to licensed amateurs only

Unwarranted modification will void warranty.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 10 cm
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