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HF Radio Clubs & Outpost Information

HF Radio is still a great way to communicate around Australia weather you are travailing this great brown land or working remotely. Keeping in touch with friends and colleagues or in an emergency.

Some of the HF networks provided by Clubs have fetchers like Phone, SMS, ALE (Automatic link Establishment) & AVL (automatic vehicle location), News & weather services and direct connection to RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) via selective calling. And with the advent of Digital Voice (DV) Voice communications far better than the old days of past.

Outpost Class license:

As of April 7 2022, the outpost apparatus license issued by the AMCA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) moved to a class license.

The class license is available on the Federal Register of Legislation

Outpost stations provide radio communications to remote locations where no phone services are available. An outpost license lets you operate a station in:

  • The MF 300 – 3000KHz or HF 3000 – 30,000KHz bands.
  • A remote area where there is no connection to a telecom network.

Where there is a connection to a network, the station can only operate during an emergency.


Radio Clubs:

A great way to keep in contact when out in remote Australia is the use one of many clubs about.

Australian HF Touring Club
The Australian HF touring club is the newest and most advanced HF Radio Network in Australia. We offer HF Radio communication to any land mobile station.
The HF Radio Network For Those Who Trip, Trek, Track and Tour

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The Royal Flying Doctor Service

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