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Icom Receivers

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  • IC-R15 Communication Receiver

    Call for Price

    Coming in Spring 2024

    Coming in Spring 2024

  • IC-R6 Handheld Receiver


    The 100 Ch/Sec Wideband Signal “Search Machine” Full frequency coverage (0.100 MHz to 1309.995 MHz) High Speed Scan (100 Ch per Second) FM WFM AM Receive Modes Internal bar-antenna (For superior AM reception) 1300 Memory Channels (22 Memory Banks) Louder, Clearer Audio Output (BTL Circuits) 15 Hours of Continuous Receive (With External Speaker) VSC (Voice …

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  • IC-R8600 SDR


    HIGH PERFORMANCE SOFTWARE DEFINED RECEIVER 10 kHz to 3 GHz Super Wideband Coverage Absolute Value of RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) Software Demodulation in FPGA Processing · Superb Receiver Performance Ample Memory Channels Variety of Scan Functions Real-time Spectrum Scope with Waterfall Function Quick, Smooth and Intuitive Operation SD Card Slot for Receiver Recorder Remote …

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