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About Us

BNCom Australia is a small communications business located west of Sydney in Pitt Town, New South Wales.

BNCom Australia was founded in March 2021 by Benjamin Spiteri with the idea of providing good quality communications products and services to the customer base. As an Amateur radio radio operator for the last 15 years Benjamin found it difficult to source good quality connectors, coax cable and accessories at fair prices.

Benjamin’s interest in communications began when he found his father’s 27Mhz 23 Channel CB Radio and made his first contact with a fellow CB operator in the USA. With this the young 12-year old was hooked on the amazing technology.

When Benjamin was in high school he was introduced to Amateur Radio by his Electronics teacher Mark (VK3PI). Mark started the school’s Amateur Radio club callsign VK3WSC at Whittlesea Secondary College. Benjamin enjoyed the radio club and this sparked his enthusiasm even more.

A few years later Benjamin went on to get his Amateur Foundation licence VK3FBLS, starting a new part of the hobby. 5 years later he would sit for his advanced licence and get the callsign VK3BLS. Later, moving to Sydney with the family Benjamin changed his callsign to VK2ABS, and then 5 years later VK2YM.

Benjamin has over 20 years’ experience working in the Telecommunications and ICT industries and is passionate about technology and its application to our lives and work.