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Coming in 2024 is the all new Anytone AT-D570UV remote head dual band mobile radio.

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  • Remote head solution, BT01 handheld Bluetooth controller.
  • Body: local control head replaced with a remote head transceiver interface. Great for mobile installation!

Frequency Range:

  • RX- 136~174 & 400~480MHz.
  • TX- 144~148 & 430~450MHz


Working Mode: Full duplex on UU, UV, VV, VU. Dual RX (Analog +DMR or
Analog +Analog)
• True-2-slot: Provide 2-slot communication which allows for 2 talk paths on 1
frequency; ETSI DMR Tier I and II compliant
Power: VHF 55/25/10/1W; UHF 40/25/10/1W
• Auto-senses digital or analog reception
• 4000 channels + VFO; 10,000 Talk groups with 500,000 digital contacts
• Support Contact Manager
Display: 4.49cm TFT color LCD, dual display; dual PA; dual PTT
Bandwidth: 12.5K/25K (Analog); 12.5K (DMR)
• Weather Alerts (USA Only)
• VOX Function; Digital Recording and Play
• DTMF/2TONE/5TONE encode and decode
• Zone selection
• DMR SMS via keyboard
• Crossband repeater function
• Single Frequency Repeater Mode
• Ranging function between radios with GPS
• Roaming function; Talker alias function
• Analog Compander
• Emergency alarm (with GPS data transmission)

Specifications subject to change upon release.

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 10 cm