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EzyPTT – Push To Talk

EzyPTT Products

BNCom Australia is proud to supply the Ezyptt POC Radio Solution, (Push to Talk Over Cellular).

Push to Talk Over Cellular or better known as POC Radio, is the method of Voice transmission over the mobile phone networks using 3G and 4G/LTE Data.

Unlike a normal 2-Way radios that have limited coverage, EzyPTT POC Radio utilises the coverage of the Optus 3G/4G mobile data network covering 98.5% of the Australian population. With conventional 2-Way radios there are expensive licence fee’s and site costs and no call timer limits. EzyPTT POC Radio solution eliminates these costs and constraints for the customer.

EzyPTT POC Radio devices are designed to give the user that two-way radio feel of operation with wide area coverage on Australia’s Optus mobile network.

Just like a conventional and Trunked two-way radio system with the biggest difference being EzyPTT’s POC Radio solutions offers nation wide coverage on the Optus 3G/4G Network.

Talk to your Fleet, staff and family anywhere in the country within the Optus mobile coverage area.

EzyPTT system has been designed to make IP Radio friendly, easy, more cost effective without being confusing to the user. Unlike others services located in China, EzyPTT has there Server in a Australian data center and is maintained by the EzyPTT Team.

Hardware & Software:

  • Hand held units.
  • Mobile units (TBA).
  • Dispatch Console MS Windows Software
  • iOS & Android apps like for smart phones & Tablets.

How it works:

EzyPTT server located in an Australian data center.
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